• Boaty McBoatface
  • The Article about Boaty McBoatface
    Boaty McBoatface
    Boaty McBoatface!

    A recent attempt in the UK to ask the public to name a new boat
    produced the leading name "Boaty McBoatface".

  • Canada we should name some stuff
    Let's name some stuff too!


With the Canadian Federal budget to be announced it should include lots of money for infrastructure and I am sure this will mean some more roads which will need names.  A good list of road names in the bank would help move things along.

Name Names


Along with the roads there will be money for buildings to make them like new again, why not provide new names to the buildings.  Go ahead pick a building and give it a new name..

Name Names


Some of the smaller towns in Canada would do with a name change to bring about some more attention from tourists who want to visit our great country.  How about a new name for a town you know?

Name Names

Other Names

The categories for naming things is endless so please go ahead and suggest a new category and name to be changed or made new!  Some things are off limits but really, we need list of names for many things.

Name Names

Please be creative but not rude, hateful or offensive!

The level of tolerance of entries will be completely determined by the administrator of this site and all entries will be reviewed before publishing. ”

More information from the source of the naming scheme and the boat: Natural Environment Research Council

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